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Texas Teachers is here to help meet you at whatever stage you’re at and help you on the path to becoming a teacher. Make sure nothing steers you off course by discovering the next item on your teacher journey checklist to conquer. Wherever you are on your journey, you’re sure to find something helpful, just for you.



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We’re committed to helping you #GetHired. We’re so proud of how far you’ve already made it. Boost your employability by completing these required tasks. Securing these obligatory documents will demonstrate to hiring managers that you’re prepared and ready to teach. To help, we’ve outlined everything you need to help you land the job!

Required to #GetHired

You may complete the following requirements in any order, but we encourage you to apply for your Intern Certificate as soon as you begin your job search (please note that you can apply for it now and pay for it later). At the same time you apply for your Intern Certificate, you should also pay to submit fingerprints for your background check.

Statement of Eligibility

Before accepting employment, you must provide your district with an updated Statement of Eligibility (SOE). This is located in your Intern Portal and confirms you have successfully completed Texas Teachers’ Pre-Service training.

Intern Certificate

After completing your training, you must secure your Intern Certificate, which is what you will teach on during your first year in the classroom. Most districts will not consider hiring candidates who do not yet have their Intern Certificate.


As required by the State Board for Educator Certification, you must submit fingerprints to undergo a national criminal history background check. This applies to the Standard Certificate and other teacher certifications. Click here to learn more.

Recommended Items to #GetHired

Subject-Tailored Resume

A resume is required, so what can you do to make sure yours gets noticed? Transform your generic professional resume into a resume that reflects your specific subject area. Educational-based resumes are more likely to be considered.

Enrollment Letter

If you want to get a head start while you finish up your requirements, make sure to provide a copy of your enrollment letter; this can be found in your Intern Portal. It’s possible districts may extend a job offer, contingent upon obtaining your Statement of Eligibility before starting the position.

Mock Lessons

Preparing some example lessons is a great way to showcase your capabilities as a teacher. As not everyone will have these, you will surely be ahead of the crowd.

Our Most Treasured Resources – All for You

Leave no corner of your job preparation and search unpolished. Check our best and most effective resources to help you get hired.


Landing your first teaching job starts with a stellar resume! This webinar will help you transform your generic resume into a custom education-focused resume.


Hosted by professionals whose job revolves around hiring teachers – learn from HR professionals themselves what precisely they look for in a candidate during an interview. Attend this webinar and you’ll exude confidence, answer questions smoothly, and make an unforgettable first impression during your interview.


Learn about the amazing benefits of becoming a high-need area teacher. Just to name a few… high-need area teachers find jobs easier, stay employed, have higher salaries, fill teacher shortages, make a difference. Learn about how to become one during our webinar!


Learn how becoming a Special Education (SpEd) teacher can help you land your first near-guaranteed teaching job! This is the most frequently requested candidate list by districts. Attend the SpEd webinar and learn how to get your name on the list.


Additional Resources

Texas Teachers is the #1 preferred program by districts. Register for our job fairs, regularly attended by districts seeking to hire candidates like yourself.


12 pages of pure gold! Find everything you need to know about interviewing here.


A free service provided to our candidates! Get an expert pair of eyes on your resume, once you’re enrolled in our program. Login to your account and click resources to gain access.

Gain insight from peers who are working through the same stage you are! Ask questions, find answers, and connect with others here.


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