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Education Systems: The best and the future

The youth today are the governors of tomorrow. They will be the leaders, the politicians, the doctors- engineers, the workers. So the present is the time for us to nurture, educate and liberate them. The education system is the one in charge with molding their characters thus their future and the world’s. So for us

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How to remove Malware from your Android Phone?

Are you wondering why Malware infects computers? Well, there are numerous reasons. Moreover, you can get affected easily. If you are visiting an infected website, you could land a hoard of malicious critters onto your PC. While downloading software and using Peer to Peer and other Lime Wire or any illegal downloading, your PC is

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The Importance of learning English

What is Language?  We know that it is a medium for us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. There are thousands of different languages for us to navigate with (6,500 different languages). It’s all nice and good when people in the same area, community or even country want to communicate but what about when the ratio

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