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5 creative careers that also pays the bill

Some of us may not like the idea of working behind a cubicle for the rest of our lives but actually want to work on our creative potential and live our passions. What stops us though? The thought, that our creative career choice may not live up to our expectations. Many even step down from pursuing a creative career in fear of living the life of a struggling artist. But really, a person spends more then 80-90000 hours doing their work through their entire lifespan, do you really want to spend such a precious amount of your lifetime living with something you never wanted? So take a leap of faith and explore creative careers and you’ll learn, there are many that offers you the chance of making a good living. Below are 5 such creative careers that isn’t only intriguing for your creative spirit but also pays the bill –

1. Aim for the role of a Creative director

If you’re full of creative spirit, won’t it be great to be in a line of work that doesn’t only keep you in tune with creative work but also helps you to supervise others creativity and guide them. So aiming for the role of a Creative director is really a great choice of work.  Advertisement, fashion, media and any different creative projects fall under the works of a creative director. You can definitely imagine the great need for new and better creative directors to lead companies in achieving different projects. If you secure a position in a good company, be sure you’ll get paid out of it handsomely, the average salary of a creative director being around $80,000 to $102,000.

2. Become a Chef and bring your creations to others delight

A job of a chef, this doesn’t get more creative and in such a delightful way too. Thinking up unique flavors and combining them, serving food on a plate as a work of art, experimenting to explore newer dishes and technics. Your creative ideas don’t only delight you but serves others taste buds. Also a chefs’ all over payment crosses the limit of $45-$47000!  So if you’re looking for a creative high paying career, being a chef shouldn’t be far off the chart.

3. Interior designer

By becoming an interior designer, you not only get a chance at a creative career  but you get to bring your creative ideas, colors, textures and merge them with your clients interest, create beautiful inside spaces and guess what?  The average pay in this job is another nice sum of around $50,000.

4. Graphic designer

Through this work you can brandish your understanding of style, aesthetics while creating covers, unique websites, become an art director and earn handsomely for your efforts.

5.  Cartoonist

As a cartoonist you’ll use different creative methods of drawing, writing and think hard to dream up good plots and humor lines. If you prove yourself to be good you may even get drafted by good companies and magazines.