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The youth today are the governors of tomorrow. They will be the leaders, the politicians, the doctors- engineers, the workers. So the present is the time for us to nurture, educate and liberate them. The education system is the one in charge with molding their characters thus their future and the world’s. So for us to secure the best future we could hope for, we need to ensure the best education system also, so-

What is an Education System ‘ really??

The term generalizes the public schooling systems, from kindergarten to high school. A different area or region may have their own education system but at large an education system is applied to a country and even a state. In simple definition — it’s a system which comprises all that’s needed to educate the students in a community/country/state – policies, regulations, laws, funds, administrative offices, human resources, books- technologies and so on.  Just a simplification of all the complex – multifaceted works going behind the making of an Education system.

I believe we have a better understanding of WHAT an Education system is? Now to make it the BEST one, set the guidelines for how the education system of the future should be like. To know about such a system, why not Finland! The country with the title of “A miracle of education”, bestowed upon them by the World Bank.

The best education system in the world?

Finland is a country full of innovations with visible results as their system is called “The best education system in the world” though not yet official. That’s why other nations are so invested in working out their system. So what makes Finland’s so special?

1. Students are not standardized          

In other countries, there are standardized tests regularly whereas the Finnish system has them only once all throughout primary to secondary levels. It measures the students’ academic maturity.

2. Free education and not only for natives      

Yes, Finland may be the only country that offers 100 % free education from bachelors, master’s to doctoral degrees. And not only for their own students but to international scholars from different countries. If eligible then they can get admitted without paying a dime.

3. The teachers are paid their due “in terms of respect and payment”

Where other countries may not give their teachers what they are due, but in Finland they sure do. The teachers work fewer hours, are paid more and specially respected, for their service is just that much admirable.

4. And of course “Giving priority to play time”

This is a great benefit for Finnish students as they are more mentally-physically balanced. Because, while other countries and their education system puts hours of homework on their students, Finnish students can be focused more on free time and playing. As learning while you play is a common believe.

Besides Finland,  there is the United states, the United Kingdoms, German,  Japan, Canada are also on per with their education system, and learning from them all we can work to create the best education system  for the future.