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What is Language?  We know that it is a medium for us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. There are thousands of different languages for us to navigate with (6,500 different languages). It’s all nice and good when people in the same area, community or even country want to communicate but what about when the ratio gets bigger? What then?

Here’s where English comes into play. Not everyone can learn all the languages so English has been taken as the International language for education, business and any other means around the world. Today, English has been made into the official language of 52 countries.
There are so many reasons for us to learn English, keep reading to understand it’s importance–

  *  English is the most widely spoken language in the world as more and more countries have it as their second language after their mother tongue. Many countries has enforced its use in their official works and added as must in the educational system. So if you go around the world at least 5 out of 10 people will be there who understands English, if not speak it.

  * Sharing day to day knowledge of different happenings around the world, it’s the work of Media. And at the present date, most of the media’s contents are made in English. Be it in Television shows, Radio broadcast, Newspaper, many music’s and movies especially in Internet. Internet is made up of thousands of different websites, and their primary outlet is in English. We can feel the importance of English as its uses is getting larger. If you even want to watch shows or content made in different languages, there’s always an English translation option, or in movies you can see English subtitles which helps you to understand and enjoy other Countries culture and creation. Learning English benefits you by enabling you to enjoy many different media, arts, entertainment and in socialising of course.

  * Science, computers, different technologies, aviation, world treaties, everywhere English is the main language concerned. So if you want to be in sync with the world, you need to learn English or You’ll miss out.

  * Among all other languages, English is definitely the dominant one when business is concerned. It is sometimes made mandatory for a firm to have the least bit of fluency in English to enter in the global work force.

   * Learning English is also very important when it concerns job offers. As any employee who has a better understanding of English surely gets an upper hand in front of the employers.

  * Tourism is a practical form for you to understand the need of learning English. When travelling around the world, this common language becomes the sole medium of communication. Different regions may introduce you to different many language, so do you need to learn them all to visit those places?  Well?

Of course not, and English again makes its appearance and helps connect.

As explained above, I believe you can easily understand the importance of English in our lives.