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Dear learner’s & viewer,

Today I want to tell you some about of Learning a language or Bengali (Bangla) Language. If you want to learn any language, what do you need first? First you need to do learn Alphabet of this language, I mean you need first learn Alphabet a language for controlling her all section.

Hence, now if you really want to learn Bangla (Bengali) language, you may be needed Alphabet learning of Bengali. Because, Bengali language has also own Script or Alphabet. Bangal Alphabet have 50’s letters. Bengali Alphabet have 2 kinds like as English Alphabet vowel & consonant.

This type Bengali have 2 kinds of Alphabet letter (1) Shoroborno (Vowel) & (2) Banjonborno (Consonant). Shoroborno have 11 letters & Banjonborno have 39 letters.

However, now we come to main point. Let’s go to learn Bengali Alphabet for conversation or learning of using. This is our first lesson of learning any language. Bengali first lesson called Child Education of Bangla or Adorsholipi or Bengali ABCD. Bengali Have Computer or Mobile based many Bengali learning Software & Apps. Hope it help you guys. But there we try to give information of learning Bangla.

See the below script of Bangla or Bengali Language Alphabet.

অ আ ই ঈ উ ঊ ঋ ৯ এ ঐ ও ঔ ক খ গ ঘ ঙ চ ছ জ ঝ ঞ ট ঠ ড ঢ ণ ত থ দ ধ ন প ফ ব ভ ম য র ল শ ষ স হ ক্ষ ড় ঢ় য় ৎ ং ঃ ঁ

Bengali Pronunciation English
Shorio A, O
Shoria A
Roshie / Risshi I
Dirghoi / Dirghi I
Rosshu U
Dirghu OO / U
Ri Ri
Rosolli This is no more use.
Ae A, E
Ohi/ Ai Ai
Oh O
Ouh Au / Oh
Ko / Ka K, C, Ch, Q
Kho /Kha Kh
Go /Ga G
Gho / Gha Gh
Ongo Ng, N
Cho Ch, c
Chho Chh, Ch, S
Borgiojo J, Z, G
Jho Jh, Zh
Enho N
To / Ta T
Tho / Tha Th
Doh D
Dhoh Dh
Modhanno N
Toe T
Thoe Th
Do D
Dho Dh
Dontanno N
Po / Pa P
Pho / Pha / Fo Ph, F
Bo B
Bho / Vo Bh, V
Mo M
Antozo Z
Bo-a-shunno-Ro R
Lo L
Talbosho Sh
Modhhanno-Sho Sh
Dontan-no-So S
Ho / Ha H
ক্ষ Duttoksha Ksh
ড় Doyshindro R
ঢ় Dhoyshindro Rh
য় Ontaya-zo Ay
Khandikto Te
Onisho Ng
Chondro-bindu n

Those are complete Bangla Alphabet. I think this lesson help you understand Bangla. Bangla or Bengali script have no Small or Capital letter. It has only Letter.

আমার সোনার বাংলা (Amar Sonar Bangla) – My Bengal is gold.

You all see the Bengali sentence. Here is some writing deference between Alphabet & writing style. Writing style have some more script style. See the deference only Vowel. When you want to write some like Ma- then it show in Bangla like this (ম + আ)= মা (ম+া). This type of script called in Bangla Kar Letter.

Kar Letter (কার- বর্ণ)
আ- কার Shoria – Kar
ই- কার ি Roshie – Kar
ঈ-কার Dirghoi – Kar
উ- কার Rosshu – Kar
ঊ- কার Dirghu – Kar
ঋ-কার Ri – Kar
এ- কার Ae – Kar
ঐ- কার Ohi – Kar
ও- কার Oo – Kar
ঔ- কার Ouh – Kar

আ+ম+া+র = আমার  (A+m+a+r = Amar),  ো+ স +ন+া+র = সোনার (S+o+n+a+r = Sonar)

ব+া+ং+ল+া = বাংলা (B+a+ng+l+a = Bangla)

Bangla also another Letter that called Fala. Next time I discuses about of another section of Bangla & Fala letter. Today are no more. I hope you all like this type of information about Bangla Language Learning. I think know your language perfectly then you also write your Language details & share it with world people.

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